Breaking Free

By Azita Abdollahian

One woman’s story of moving beyond social and cultural barriers.


  • Are you in an abusive relationship and feel helpless and stuck?
  • Are you in unfamiliar territory and feel scared, lonely and insecure?
  • Are you suffering from relentless emotional and physical abuse at the hands of a loved one?


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about the book

A heartwarming story of survival and beating the odds

Breaking Free is more than just a story of survival. It is a lesson. A reminder that our past does not define us, and that the cultural barriers that oppress us can be the very key that opens our cage. Through sharing her life and trials, Azita Abdollahian works to connect to every reader – regardless of where their story begins.

Azita and her children fled Iran in 1999. Her story is one of domestic abuse, loss, and the struggles of refugee life in Australia. Above all, however, it is a story of hope. A beautiful tale of human triumph, the power of motherhood, and the transformation of life that can happen in a single instant.

Follow Azita on her journey from post-Islamic revolution Iran, through her experiences as a woman and young mother on the streets
of Turkey, and finally to the shores of Australia, where her new journey has only just begun.

Breaking Free reminds us that through even the most painful chapters of our story, we can still find freedom, love, and the bright stars that shine in our future.

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About the Author

It’s only when Azita shares her stories of personal developement
do you realise just how hard her life has been

Azita Abdollahian has arrived in Australia in August 2000 as a refugee from Iran equipped with nothing but two small daughters, a complete dependency of her abusive husband, poor English skills and very little to call her own.

The move to Australia was meant to be a happy time for her family – a fresh start. But, when Azita and her young family settled into their new home, her husband continued to be immensely possessive, restricting her time spent out of the house, socialising and meeting new friends. Her purpose was to cook, to clean and to take care of their two daughters.

In the years that followed, what was left of Azita’s self-worth withered away, until one night she received some words that became the catalyst for positive change in her life – she escaped the grip of her husband’s abuse.

Today, Azita is a renowned global keynote speaker and women empowerment speaker who educates individuals and leaders around the world about cross-cultural resilience and mental toughness. By helping herself, she’s able to use her story to help women across the world to break free and become empowered.

What Azita teaches us is that even through heartache, self-doubt, loneliness and sorrow, women can reach independence, strength and happiness.


“Every refugee holds their story close to their heart, but there’s one mission that each refugee shares; to escape and be free. A tale of dislocation, despair, fear and loneliness, Azita’s story as a refugee is an unshakeable reminder to us of the power of the will to survive in times of great struggle.”


“From the moment Azita married her husband, he criticised, physically harmed, humiliated and isolated her. Crafted through her own experience, Azita gets to the heart of what it feels like to be chained to a life of marital misery and how it feels to escape it.”


“Azita paints a remarkably nuanced portrait of life after abuse and after you’ve run, and the challenges that result. Through her story, we learn how to live after a world of pain in a world of salvation, hope and faith.”

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Awards and Accolades

Citizen of the Year (Mayoral Commendation Award 2018)

Azita was recognised for support for Australia’s homeless community, providing food, clean clothes and hair cuts at her salon. She was also commended for her advocacy against abuse and domestic violence.

Woman of the Year (Regional 2019)

The annual awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution made by women across NSW to industry, communities and society. Azita was recognised for her strong advocacy for survivors of domestic violence and for her contribution to The Hills Women’s Shed; an all- embracing community space for women.

Woman of the West 2019 (Business)

The Women of the West Awards honours women in Greater Western Sydney and formally recognises their contribution to the development of the region. Azita was recognised for her work addressing homelessness and domestic violence.

Nominated for NSW (Woman of the Year 2019)

This award aknowledges women who have excelled in their chosen career, field or passion. These women are exceptional achievers who have made a significant contribution to NSW and whose accomplishments make them a strong role model for other women.

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How You'll Relate

Breaking Free is a book about love, inspiration, learning, change and most of all, internal and eternal happiness. It’s time to heal the wounds that cause you pain each and every day, old and new. Self-healing is a choice and it’s made by only you.

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